Arjun Hardas

Arjun Ramesh Hardas is an Indian representative at the American Jewish Committee. He is determined towards changing the perception of people about the Jew minority in India. He has been working with the American Jewish committee since Dec’14 and his goal has been to strengthen Indian-American and Indian-Israeli ties, to encourage democratic values, and to promote a better understanding of Israel and Jews among India’s 1.35 billion people.

Anil Trigunayat

Amb. Trigunayat is a member of the International Trade Council, Honorary Adviser to BRICS Chamber of Commerce, and Secretary of Association of Indian Diplomats. Currently, he is a Distinguished Fellow at the Vivekananda International Foundation, and President of Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (MIICCIA). He was a member of the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and has served in the Indian Missions of Cote d’Ivoire, Bangladesh, Mongolia, USA, Russia, Sweden, Libya, Jordan, Malta and Nigeria.

Lalit Kumar

Lalit Kumar Das is a well-known design educator in the Indian design community. He believes in one's natural ability to connect to design and is known to simplify global problems into a mere riddle of design. He has over 39 years of academic mentoring and has worked actively on integrating design to Indian Industries and the Government sector. He has also brought Indian cultural values and teachings into the current design pedagogy.

Dr.Toolika Gupta

Dr. Toolika Gupta is the Director at the Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD) and a researcher and educator in the field of crafts and design. She did her M.Sc. with a dissertation in- 'Quintessence of Lotus: Motif for Textile Design' from Lady Irwin College, New Delhi. Thereafter she completed her Ph.D. thesis in History of Arts, titled 'The Influence of British Rule on Elite Indian Menswear: The Birth of the Sherwani', from the University of Glasgow, UK. She also collaborated as a Ph.D. fellow with the Textile Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark, and pursued a short course in 'Archaeological Textiles' from the University of Oxford, UK. Realizing the need for a platform to promote indigenous research, she founded The Center for Textiles and Clothing Research (TCRC), New Delhi, in 2016. She currently serves as the Secretary of TCRC. She has written and co-edited several research papers, books, and articles for various newspapers and magazines. She has helped Indian textile find its niche in the global market. She has actively strived towards the promotion of Indian values and traditional craft. She has always been a strong advocate for local artisans’ interests, copyrights, and identity for their craft.

Vineet Panchhi

Vineet K. Kamal Nain ‘Panchhi’ is the founder of MotoGazing, a vehicular content creating media platform, and of Word of Mouth media, a marketing and advertising company. He is best described in his own words, a ‘rolling stone’, having and continuing to live life with an explorative approach; he was a singer in band, was the manager of an ice cream parlour, followed by a stint in retail worked for Reebok, Bose Audio, etc, then he worked in training and human resources, after which he decides to take a leap of faith and quit the corporate ladder. He started a music and films and business in his hometown of Dehradun, and the rest as they say is history. As an advocate of the notion of following your passions in life, and investing in your happiness, he’s since then he’s found his passion broadly in, the challenges of communication design and delivery, the creative process of films and music, and in helping people build harmonious organizations through people development.